What is LocatedAt?

LocatedAt is about delivering the happening places, deals, events around you so that will aid you to make an informed update. It's a lifestyle utility tool that integrates real time Location Base Services and also Social elements that allows you to share the experience with your friends and love ones for whatever lifestyle you may be leading.

Is LocatedAt free?

Yes. LocatedAt is a free app. You may go to our main page to find our download link from Apple Appstore and Google Play.

How do I login to LocatedAt

There are 2 options offered to the user for login. You can either login via your Facebook account. The other would be via your email, an instructional mail will be sent to your mail box to activate your account. Do check your spam box if its not found in your inbox

How do I reset my password

At the main screen of of locatedAt there is a "Forgot Password" link that will aid you in your password recovery process. After clicking it a set of instructional mail will be sent to email account to reactivate your account. Do check your spam box if its not found in your inbox

Will my privacy/ where abouts be infringed?

No. As you can read from our privacy policy that we do not track our users GPS location, nor will we sell to third parties of our user details. For further details please do read through our Terms of Services and Privacy policy

Will LocatedAt still be functional if my network is turned off?

No. Data transfer will ceased to be functional if there is no network connection from your smartphone (iOS/Android) to the ISP (internet service provider) be it on WiFi or 3G connections.

Will LocatedAt still be functional if my GPS is turned off?

Yes. Circumstances varies for WiFi connection as compared to Cellular Network connection. You will still be able to receive data transfer as long as the internet connection is established, though the accuracy of the coordinates will significantly diminish. WiFi connection however would only pinpoint your coordinates from the physical proximity of the WiFi coverage/ connection.

How many point of interest are there in locatedAt

Our database are constantly growing, how ever the POI accumulated all these years serves well for our users

How do I get updates from my favourite brands

With our "Follow" feature you may follow your favorite brands to receive the latest offerings by just clicking on the "Follow" button

Other than Brands/ Outlets that I could follow, what else I can follow?

Other than following your favourite brands, you may follow other individuals as well. Say for example you have invited a friend that has registered with LocatedAt, you will be able to read the comments and reviews.

What benefits do I gain from following these brands?

You will get the latest updates and info from your favourite brands which includes any new deals/ promotion, events, or perhaps a new product launch. You will never miss out a mouth watering deals when ever comes by e.g. 80% from your favourite boutique or perhaps the you favourite car dealer is launching a pre-lauch event for their new car model.

I've just browse through an event/ deal/ update, I would like to bookmark it. How do I do that?

On every events/ deals detail page there is a "Save" option that will allow you to save the particular activities for future reference.

I've just browse through a deal/ event that I would like to share with my friends and families which aren't registered on locatedAt. How do I do that?

On the detail screen of the specific deal/ event, there is a "share" option button. Clicking on that will prompt you of the several options available to notify your intended recipient e.g. Facebook, Email etc

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