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Wamssler Gurney Paragon

Wamssler Honey Wine @ Gurney Paragon Mall Penang | Isaactan.net | Events • Food • Tech • Travel

Just last weekend I was back in Penang, when Janicmoree and I decided to head to the 'new-to-me' Gurney Paragon Mall for a nice lunch and some shopping. Our lunch at Miam Miam Cafe and our shopping experience will be in a separate post. This post however would be to highlight this rather interesting kiosk located on the 2nd floor of Gurney Paragon Mall Penang, offering Wamssler Honey Wine.
Now I have heard about the Wamssler brand before, mostly due to their tie up to the WOW Music Festival which happened recently in Sunway Lagoon. Here their kiosk is featured prominently on the 2nd floor of Gurney Paragon Mall just in front of the escalator. It's hard to miss their orangey yellow booth, especially when their salesperson takes the initiative to walk straight up to you to sample four of their wine.
Originating from Germany, Wamssler Honey Wine is a specialty wine made purely from honey with a golden gleam. It is unique and unlike any other alcoholic beverages. I mean, made purely from honey? I just had to sample it that day even though it meant drinking an alcoholic beverage in the middle of a busy mall.
They have four types of Wamssler Honey Wine for us to sample at the Gurney Paragon Mall kiosk, each having their own distinctive taste and flavour. Check out my take on each of the variety below.

#1 Wamssler Sparkling Mead 2011 (Original)
Marketed as a light bubbly mead with a clear golden hue, the taste was surprisingly mild. With an alcohol level of 9% in a 275ml bottle, the combination of a balanced body with a crisp sensation do make it suitable for casual events.

#2 Wamssler Sparkling Mead Semy-Dry
Almost similar to the Wamssler Sparkling Mead 2011, this wine is amber coloured, and has that bubbly taste, should be perfect for a casual refreshment.

#3 Wamssler Drachenblut (Dragon Blood)
With a name such as dragon blood, it gave me images of medieval times of knights fighting dragons. Anyway, this wine tastes basically like red wine, where the light mead fermented with wild cherries gives it an intense crimson hue.

#4 Wamssler Honey Wine Ginseng
Now if you like Ginseng, then this would fit right up your alley. Is a distinctive liqor that brings together the anti-oxidant benefits of Honey Wine and restorative properties of Ginseng.

For more information pls visit my page. :)
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